SWAN stage monitors deliver their best qualities live on stage. Compact, powerful, reliable, Swan monitors are meant to support artist’s live performances. The multipurpose design allows perfect integration in any possible live environment, from wedge applications to side, drum and keyboards fills, DJ booths, and even as short to medium throw FOH speakers. The custom designed coaxial loudspeakers deliver a conical polar dispersion pattern, thus granting the same impeccable acoustic performance on both horizontal and vertical axis. The cabinet design is shaped for wedge use, but also allows mounting on a stand, as well as rigging and flying installations. In a very compact enclosure there are a variety of solutions for both stage and installation use. Swan series are available with your choice of preamp: the 4 presets XXL Acoustic Modeler, and the DSP-controlled XXL Sonic Profiler. Both preamplifiers offer stageoptimized curves as well as FOH and playback curves as well. The Feedback Killer function in the Sonic Profiler, grants exceptional “gain before feedback” on stage, giving to the artists a better performing environment for their shows.

SWAN12A is an Active Stage Monitor, 12” Coaxial, 350+50W, Acoustic Modeler Preamp.