MCL series mixers have been designed to fulfil the widest range of applications. The live performance is their natural playground. Compact, feature-packed, reliable and versatile, the MCL consoles are a fresh answer to most mixing tasks. A well conceived layout and a smart color coding make the MCL mixers very simple to use even for non experienced customers. All key features and functions are readily available for the most demanding applications. A custom DSP Multieffect processor delivers 256 effect presets to the MCL16Pro and MCL8Pro, while the supercompact MCL6 is fitted with a specially designed 16-presets DSP. USB port with Stereo I/O allows fast and easy connectivity with your favourite software recording & playback applications (MCL16Pro and MCL6Pro only).

MCL8PRO is a passive mixing console, 8 channels, 6 microphone inputs, 256-presets multi-FX processor, 60mm faders, USB port.