DigiX is a top performance, technologically advanced speaker line. The ultra-rigid carbon injected polypropylene cabinet is designed for the maximum rigidity and the best possible acoustic performance, not to mention its attractive and efficient design. DigiX speakers sport two different preamplifier technologies: the 4 presets XXL Acoustic Modeler, simple, effective and with immediate use of use, plus the DSP-controlled XXL Sonic Profiler with up to 10 presets and exclusive functions such as Dynamic Loudness and Feedback Killer.

The Sonic Profiler preamp gives access to the free XXL SP Editor, a software based application for the management and sound design, networking and remote control of the complete installed sound system. Custom designed D-Class, bi-amp amplifiers deliver a perfectly tailored power response to the DSP managed signal, allowing the carbon injected woofer and titanium compression driver to always work in their respective maximum linearity conditions. DigiX speakers are more than the sum of their components. They deliver a powerful, natural, pleasant sound, in a very efficient, versatile, professionally featured package.

DIGIX412A is an Active Speaker, 12” Woofer, 1” Tweeter, 350+50W, Acoustic Modeler Preamp.